Frequently Asked Questions

gRuhaps platform believes in transparency & that’s not only for client prospective. As a service provider you are an integral part of gRuhaps platform. We believe in our product and confident that we should able to generate bookings for you but did plan for the worst-case scenario. During the initial period in case we are not able to get enough booking for the value for premium fees, the gRuhaps will automatically carry forward your fees and you will not be required to make any payment until you receive value for your money.  

Digital presence is absolute need for every business and service provider in order to stay competitive in the market. One of the key features of gRuhaps, its provide you affordable digital presence without any maintenance overhead. But that feature is limited to premium account only. Secondly you will miss the opportunity to expand your business by missing expanded visibility in the market which is also available only for premium account.  

On gRuhaps, consumer (Client) makes a decision whom they want to hire for their work. As a platform we provide them unbiased data about your (SP’s) profile and reviews & ratings are the most important component of the profile.

If (you) don’t complete the workflow of the booking then client may not be able to write a review and rate your service no matter how good service provided to them. Missing review and rating will directly impact your business prospect on this platform.    

So, make sure you always mark booking as completed after receiving payment.

The power of gRuhaps platform is in the completeness. It is designed to provide end to end solution for you, where you can analyze your data, performance, revenue, cost categorized by multiple parameter like your services, area of service. You can even project your performance for future and estimate how much you may able to earn next month with certain service in certain areas.     

On receipt of the cash payment, make sure you update booking with the received amount and mark booking as completed. This will enable you earn client review and feedback and also gRuhaps reward point.

As we haven’t enabled the online (payment mode) for the customer, we are working on it. We will update (you) as soon as it (is) available. Till then feel free to accept payment in cash or other preferred mode.

gRuhaps recommend you to be proactive and keep client informed about your visit. If you need any change in time, do get in touch with client and seek permission to reschedule the booking. Just in case if there is an unfortunate event and you can’t make it on time, please talk with client about it and make sure client understand your situation and don’t rate you down. Also please note gRuhaps may ding you with negative rewards points on every missed booking, so do write us, with a proper explanation with evidence as soon as possible.

Once the service is completed you need to give invoice to the clients request

a. To send invoices to the client get into the booking details.

b. Click on generate invoice

c. Click on the add item under new service charges. Enter the item description, quantity rate and unit for the service. You can also add charges of parts and add-on handwritten invoice if required.

d. Submit the invoice 

Note that if the quotation is sent earlier to the client, then that added service charges will appear in invoice.

You can generate the quote once you accept the booking. Generating quotation gives client an estimate of cost required for the service.

  1. To send quotation to the client get into the booking details
  2. Click on generate quote
  3. Click on the add item under new service charges. Enter the item description, quantity rate and unit for the service. You can also add charges of parts and add-on handwritten quotation if required.
  4. Submit the quote

In order to reschedule a booking, get into the booking details first.

  1. Click on reschedule
  2. Select the date for which you want to reschedule the booking
  3. Confirm reschedule

Whenever a broadcast request is received by you(SP), a blocking screen will appear.

a. To accept the broadcast booking click on view details.

b. Click on accept booking.

c. Select the time slot

d. Select the duration for service and accept

In order to accept booking, you will need to open right booking. There are multiple ways to get to booking on gRuhaps.

You will get a notification message about the new booking for you. Just click on the notification message and that will take you to that (particular) booking.

In case you missed notification message, there should be unread message on notification bell, click on notification bell and click booking with unread message, that will take you to the booking details.

From home screen, click on “Processing tab”, to see new booking under there. Click on it to open booking details.

From the booking details screen review the service requirement & look at media files if any. If the requirement not clear, click in chat button to initiate a chat with client(s). Feel free to ask questions or picture to get a clear understanding of requirements. Once you review & (are) clear with the requirement, click on “Accept” button, you will be asked to provide the estimated amount of service time required. Try to be precise for the estimate as accordingly gRuhaps will block your time slot.

Don’t worry, gRuhaps have taken care of you here, till the booking gets confirmed, you (SP) will be able to receive service request from another client for the same time slot.

As we promised, you should able to “Becomes your own Boss” and boss do takes holidays & so (should) that you.

Now you should be able to enjoy your holidays, by defining on your schedule. When you mark any day as non-working day, it (is) considered at (as) (a) holiday and we will make sure your profile will not be displayed for those days service request. So, you can enjoy your holidays without any disturbance.

Login on the platform as a service provider, then click on profile from bottom menu. From the profile view, click on “My Services”, it will take to your services page. From the “My Active Services” list click on the Edit button for the service which you wish to update, from there change the rate which you want to update and click on “Update Changes” button, that’s it.*.

In the current version of the platform, you will not be allowed to offer services under multiple categories. This is something we are working on it and should be available in the future. Unfortunately, we will not be able to commit any date for this, But don’t worry stay connected with us and we will make sure you are on update list. Mean time offer your best service on this platform and expand your business.

Login on the platform as a service provider, then click on profile from bottom menu. From the profile view, click on “My Services”, it will take to your services page. To remove service, click on the remove button from the service under “My Active Services” list. Please note you will not be able to remove last service from your portfolio.To add service, click “Add Service” button from the bottom of the screen, it will take you to the page with list of other available services under that category. Please Click on the service to add, followed by selection of group items and provide your offered price range for that service.  Make sure to “Click Save” above the service list.

Profile Introduction is a very good tool to brief prospective client/customer about yourself, skill sets, expertise, any professional achievement & your preferred list of areas. We may not be able to review each and every profile introduction ourselves so make sure to check the language and spells before submitting.  

Profile picture is the first step to make a positive impact on prospective client/customer. So, it is in your best interest to have clear and professional profile picture. We recommend all service provider to load 2x2 white background passport size ID photograph.

Please note, we may be able to approve your application unless your profile picture satisfies the criteria.

Photo identification is important (for) from authentication and client confidence point of view. So, it is very important to upload scan copy or (a) good quality of picture one of the government approved identification document listed. Make sure the identification is valid and have clear recent picture on it.

Please note we do not share this private document with anyone.