Frequently Asked Questions

In that case, you can give a reply to SP’s review.

Yes, service charges taken by each and every SP will be visible to you when you book a SP. So can get an estimate for your service.

You can get an estimate from SP via quotation. Once the booking is accepted by SP, you will get an option for request quotation. SP can give you the complete estimate by sending quotation.

Yes, you will get an option of reschedule bookings in booking details. Selecting that option, you can change the service date. Note that it should be done 3 hours before your service starts.

Yes, you can change the service provider. In this case first you need to cancel the booking and then book another SP.

You need to answer all those questions so that SP get a detailed description of your service requirements. That helps SP to understand your requirement better and provide you better time and cost estimate of the work required.

What If the service provider does not respond to my booking?

gRuhaps monitor(s) every booking, if there is no response from the SP between certain time period (which depend upon date of service), system seek your permission to broadcast your requirement to other SP in the area.

You have two option cancel the booking and book another available SP or grant permission to broadcast the requirement to other SP.

There are basically two ways of creating a booking

  1. Search by SP name: To create a booking with search by SP name you can type sp name directly in the search bar and book the SP
  2. Book SP following the questionnaire: To create a booking with this approach select the service category, answer the listed questions, select the address where you will need the service. Now you will get three options via which you can book the service.

a. Urgent booking: If you want an urgent booking within three hours then should select this option to book the SP. Your request will be broadcasted to the SP’s available in your vicinity. Whoever will accept the booking first will be providing you the service as per your requirements.

b. Book for later today

You can select this option if you need the service for the same day but after three hours from the current time. Select SP, time slot, click on submit and confirm.

c. Schedule a service

If you need the service for future dates then you can book the SP selecting this option. You will get an option to select future dates and time slot. Select the SP from the available SP list. Click on submit and confirm

Yes, you can schedule a service for future date.  Select the service category, answer the listed questions and select the address. Now, you will get three options out of which select schedule a service option. You will get option to select the date and the time slot for which you need the service.

You can make an urgent booking if you need to avail the service within 3 hours from the current time.

To book a service urgently select the service category, specify your service requirements by following the questionnaire. Select the address where you need to avail the service. Select date, time and click on search service provider. Now you will get three options out of which you need to select the urgent booking option. Give additional details regarding the service if needed, submit and confirm the service.

To quickly search SP on gRuhaps platform, you can search the SP by his/her name. Type SP name in the search bar. Select the SP to book for the service.

How do I search service provider for my home in another city?

You can search the service provider from your place at (for) another city by just selecting the desired city from home screen. Select the required city from the dropdown. Select service category. Go through the questionnaire. Select address with other location and then book a service.